• Tsetse fly larva excretes a powerful toxin through pores in its skin. A single drop is powerful enough to kill a human!
  • The word ‘tsetse’ comes from Tswana (a language of Southern Africa)  which means ‘fly’
  • There are 22 different species of the tsetse fly
  • Tsetse flies feed on the blood of animals
  • Tsetse flies have been on this earth for 34 million years
  • They are primarily responsible for transmitting viruses that cause such diseases as ‘sleeping sickness’ in people and ‘nagana’ in animals
  • Tsetse flies are also known as ‘tik-tik’ flies
  • These flies are multivoltine, which means they produce many broods per year.  Tsetse flies produce about four generations yearly, and up to 31 generations total over their entire lifespan!
  • Tsetse flies look alot like regular houseflies.  However, you can tell the difference by observing their anatomy.  One way to identify them is by their wings.  The tsetse fly fold their wings completely when resting so that one wing rests directly on top of the other.
  • The tsetse fly is responsible for 250,000 – 300,000 deaths per year!!!

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